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  • Library Card is required for entrance to the University Library, Reference, Circulation, Periodical/Filipiňiana Sections and to the Graduate School Library. It is also required in borrowing of books.
  • The Library card is issued to a student upon presentation of his/her Registration Form (student copy) and one (1) 1 x 1 ID picture. The card is valid for four/five years.
  • Library card is non-transferable. Misrepresentation by showing someone else’s library card is an offense. Students caught doing such act may be deprived of their library privileges. His/her library card will be confiscated  for a period of one week, for first offense; one month, for second offense; and one semester for the third offense.
  • Lost library card can be replaced up to 4th time only. On the fourth time, a student is required to submit a duly notarized Affidavit of Loss, and a payment of P 50.00 for every replaced library card effective SY 2013-2014.
  • PSU students may borrow a maximum of two (2) books at a time;
  • Books from the Circulation Section can be loaned out for one (1) day and may be renewed more than once, until the third time at most if there are no prior requests for them;
  • Reference and Reserve books, Periodicals, Theses and Dissertations, and materials in the Special Collections of FilipiňianaSection are for room use only;
  • Books in the Reserve Section may be loaned overnight but should be returned at 8:00 A.M. the following day;
  • All materials borrowed must be promptly returned on due time;
  • Materials returned late are subject to overdue fines:

General Circulation Books – Php 10.00/day

Reserved Books – Php 2.00/hour

  • Borrowers with overdue books or with standing obligation to the library will not be allowed to borrow unless all library accounts are settled.
  • A lost book must be reported immediately to the concerned section where the book was charged out.
  • It must be replaced with a book of the same title or related subject.
  • Photocopying of articles and excerpts from books is allowed for personal use in the following sections: General Circulation, Reserve, Reference, and some collections in the Graduate/Law School library;
  • Photocopying of theses, dissertations is not allowed;
  • Photocopying time is for one (1) hour only. In excess of one hour, a borrower will be charged an overdue fine similar to reserved collections.
  • Counting of fines for photocopied materials will start 1 hour after the book was borrowed, including overnight hours, Saturdays and Sundays until the book will be returned.

Bags, briefcases, attaché case, umbrellas, large envelopes, folders and personal books that are not needed for study should be deposited at the control area.

Library patrons are requested to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb the peace and order of the Library.  Readers are reminded that the library is primarily for serious study and research. Smoking, eating, drinking, littering, loitering or any form of public display of affection are not permitted. Loud conversations are also prohibited

  1. A student is required to present her/his library card and log in properly before being allowed to use the internet by the personnel in-charge.
  2. The NO LIBRARY CARD, NO USE of COMPUTER policy is strictly observed.
  3. FOOD & DRINKS are not allowed while using the computer.
  4. Chatting, checking/sending of emails and computer games are strictly prohibited.
  5. No personal hardware (USB/ flash drive/ external hardware) should be plugged into the computer.
  6. Silence should be maintained at all times.
  7. Hardware & furniture should be put back/kept in their proper place.
  1. To use the University library facilities, faculty and staff of PSU are required to apply for a borrower’s card. This will enable them to borrow and use library collections in accordance with the library rules.
  2. Administrators, faculty members and staff may loan out as many as 5 books at a time.
  3. Since the University Library practices the open shelves system in circulating books, all library clientele should leave their bags and other hand carried items at the control desk before entry. All valuable materials should be taken out before depositing their bags. A control number will be attached to the deposited item and a duplicate number is to the depositor/library client.
  4. The loan period of library materials is one (1) month subject to renewal for another month if the collection borrowed is not in demand. Borrowed material will be recalled when it is demanded for use by other clients.
  5. Periodical, Filipiniana, Reference collection (e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) and reserved materials are to be used within the library premises only.
  6. Photocopying of materials at the University Library may be done after filing out the photocopying form. Photocopying of theses and dissertations is strictly prohibited.
  7. The clientele should repair any damage he/she has done to the materials he/she borrowed from the University Library. The library will charge an amount based on the extent of damage and repair cost. If the damage is irreparable, the borrower will be required to buy a new material with the same descriptions as the collection borrowed.
  8. Lost collections should be replaced with exactly the same material. If the lost collection is off the market/press, a material with the same subject may be accepted upon appraisal of the University Librarian/Technical section of the Library.
  9. If the administrator, faculty or personnel requests a representative to borrow or return for him /her a collection in the library, the same faculty is required to give the representative his authorization letter to be presented when borrowing or returning a collection.
  10. All borrowed materials should be returned before the semester/terms end. If the material will still be used, renewal of the materials is mandatory but may be done only upon physical presentation of collection/s to be renewed.
  11. Signing of clearance requires the clientele to return/replace/pay the borrowed/lost collections at the University Library.
  1. IMC equipment and materials may be used only by teachers and students ONLY for classroom presentations, academic endeavors, and recognized extra-curricular activities.
  2. Request for use of equipment/materials shall be filed at least three working days before these are needed on a first-come, first-served basis. The request form must be signed by any of the following: teacher/instructor of the class, adviser of the organization, Department  Chair or the Dean.
  3. All equipments and materials must be used within the IMC only.
  4. The instructor must accompany his/her class in using the IMC.
  5. The class is expected to maintain silence during the entire film viewing.
  6. Smoking, eating, littering, loitering and sleeping are not permitted inside the IMC.
  7. Whenever a computer is used for LCD projector, it must be returned immediately after use. Attachment of personal hardware is not permitted.
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