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The Main Library has an IMC that can be used for film showing of multimedia located at the 4/F.

Reservations should be set beforehand to use the IMC Room. To reserve, please request at the IMC Office by filling up the form and have it signed by the respected persons or by calling the staff in-charge to know the available schedule.

Cancellation may be done via email, call or text but final confirmation must be done by filling up the printed reservation form in person and have it approved.

Approved requests are posted at the bulletin board calendar or at the google calendar below updated daily at 5pm.

A minimum of 10 attendees is required to reserve the IMC Room. Amenities include a seating capacity for (Rm 1) 100 people (max) and (Rm 2) 20 people (max), basic component sound system, and a projector with stand. Videos can be played from USB drives, DVD or VCD.

The IMC Room is open from 8 AM to 7 PM only , Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM only, Saturday. Please follow the prescribed schedule to not cause inconvenience to the library staff in charge. Thank you


Schedule of upcoming reservations to the Audiovisual Room

Check schedule here –>> Click calendar
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